Hi, my name is Will Hedgecock

I'm a Web Development Student

Based in Des Moines, IA

About Me

Hello! The name's Will. I'm a 25-year-old web development student looking to graduate in May of 2021. I had only ever known retail until finding a love for web development. My favorite parts of web development are the challenges and seeing an idea turn into a fully functioning application. I possess excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic. When I'm not working or coding, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, Kelsey, and of course, our dog and cat, Lady and Meredith. You'll also find me playing guitar or video games.

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My Portfolio

Thumbnail for JS recipe project

Javascript Recipe Manager

Application that allows a user to modify recipe size dynamically, add a new recipe and see the new recipe loaded onto the home page

Skills used: HTML, CSS, Media Queries, Javascript, Local storage

Thumbnail CSS animation advertisement

CSS Animation Advertisement

Sample advertisement created for Iowa Hawkeye football tickets on the University of Iowa homepage

Skills used: HTML, CSS, Media Queries, CSS Animation

Thumbnail for PHP music store project

PHP Content Management Website

Fictional music store application that uses SQL PDO statements to pull, display, add/delete, and edit items in a database. This project features a login system which validates data against the database and demonstrates PHP sessions to verify a user has logged in. It also features Paypal as the payment processor

Skills used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Media Queries, PHP, SQL, self-posting forms, PHP form validation, Paypal Sandbox, YouTube video embedding

Thumbnail for Skyline Fitness Gym

Skyline Fitness Website

Fictional gym website that uses Bootstrap as the layout tool

Skills used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, CSS Animation, Media Queries

Thumbnail for React movie application

React Movie Application

Basic React app that lets a user click on a movie thumbnail and displays the selected movie information below

Skills used: React (props, components), CSS, useState

Thumbnail for TDD assignment

Test Driven Development -- Phone Number Validation

TDD tests run using Mocha and Chai to verify inputted phone numbers

Skills used: Mocha & Chai testing software, command prompt

Wordpress site called Sweets Buffet

WordPress E-Commerce Site

Fictional candy store "The Sweet Buffet" created in WordPress

Skills used: WordPress, various WordPress plugins, WordPress pop-up ads, suggestive selling

Random number guessing game using JQuery

JQuery Random Guessing Game

Allows users to select a random number range and then sends a message based on their guess

Skills used: JQuery, HTML, CSS